Developer-Focused Crypto Tools

Developer-Focused Crypto Tools
Jun 2023

Fractal, a Web3 startup and NFT marketplace, has recently unveiled its latest offering called Fractal Studio, also referred to as FStudio. FStudio aims to streamline the process of integrating cryptocurrency functionalities into video games, eliminating the need for extensive coding by game developers.
FStudio encompasses three core components: "build," "acquire," and "monetize," granting developers enhanced capabilities to optimize their projects. With FStudio, game developers gain the ability to convert in-game assets into non-fungible tokens (NFTs), facilitate credit card payments for in-game crypto items, and create in-game NFT shops.
By offering tools that streamline the process and eliminate the need for extensive coding, Fractal aims to empower game developers to embrace the potential of blockchain technology and NFTs. Users of FStudio may also upload their apps-based games to Fractal's desktop game launcher.
Image Credit: Fractal